Calendar Anything GPL v2.29 – Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar


Calendar Anything Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar GPL Overview:

If you have a site and you already have an event plugin to manage your events, then you can show these events easily in cool calendars at your site (eg. in a widget, a page, etc.). Very useful for sites like gyms, schools, bars, restaurants, concert halls, etc.

Calendar Anything Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar Features:

  • Multiple calendar views
    Choose between month, agenda, list and basic view.
  • Attach custom post types
    You can show any custom post type in your calendar.
  • Attach multiple post types
    You can show multiple custom post types in the same calendar.
  • Attach all events or selected only
    You can attach all events that belong to a custom post type or just the ones you select.
  • Unlimited calendars
    Create as many calendars as you desire.
  • Ready-to-use themes
    Choose between 11 ready-to-use themes and make cool calendars on the fly!
  • Multiple calendars on the same page
    You can use multiple calendars on the same page.
  • Customizable calendars
    You can customize each calendar separately.
  • Unlimited styling options
    Style the calendar the way you want! Choose background colour, borders, margin, padding options, and many more.
  • Google fonts
    Select from a large library of Google fonts and set the desired typography for all your calendar texts.
  • Date Range
    You can set the calendar’s date range. All events outside the date range are hidden and the navigation buttons are deactivated.
  • Custom date and time format
    Easily set your date and time format to various places in your theme.
  • Toolbar
    Choose the navigation buttons that you want to be displayed on the toolbar.
  • Event filtering
    You can add a filtering dropdown and give the user the ability to show specific events only.
  • Search events
    Viewers can easily search and find events by using our optional built-in search bar.
  • Event limit
    If you have a large number of events on the same day, you can set an event limit.
  • Custom fields
    You can show custom fields in the event templates (compatible with any custom field plugin like ACF, Types, etc.).
  • Event coloring
    If you want, you can add colours to your event taxonomies and colourize your events according to their taxonomy colours.
  • Multiple event types
    You can create repeatable events, all-day events or multi-day events.
  • Event caching
    Enable caching for calendar events.
  • 2 event fetching modes
    Get calendar events by using ajax or by prerendering all of them.
  • Tooltips
    You also can add tooltips to your events.
  • Localization
    Dates and times in toolbar and event template shortcodes respect your WordPress default language.
  • Responsive
    With our plugin, you can create truly responsive calendars. This means that you can a different view on a larger screen than on smaller screens.
  • WPML & Polylang compatible
    Calendar Anything is truly WPML & Polylang compatible! This means that all the calendar assets (days, hours, etc.) are shown in the correct language. It also grabs the correct events for each language.
  • Import/Export
    Export and import your custom calendar themes easily and reuse them on the fly.

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