EventOn Repeat Customizer Addon GPL v1.0.2


EventOn Repeat Customizer Addon GPL Overview:

Customize individual repeat instance event data
Make Each Event Repeat Look Unique, Using a repeat customizer addon you can easily customize various event data fields unique to that repeat instance to give it a unique look from other repeat instances.

EventOn Repeat Customizer Addon GPL Features:

  • Reveal Event On Date
    This addon converts eventON events into advent events so that selected event information can be revealed to your customers only on that date.
  • Hide Event Fields Before Date
    You can control which eventCard fields will be hidden on the advent calendar before the event date.
  • Hide Fields on Past Events
    You can also choose to hide the same eventcard fields once the event is past and show a notice instead.
  • Get Your Customers to Comeback
    Advent Calendar will make your customer keep coming back to your site every day to find out the new information that will be revealed that day.

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