FooEvents Express Check-in GPL v1.6.6 – Extension


FooEvents Express Check-in GPL Introduction

The FooEvents Express Check-in plugin is an extension for FooEvents that makes checking in and managing attendees at your event a fast and effortless process.

The intuitive interface allows you to search for attendees in a matter of seconds or you can connect a Bluetooth or USB barcode scanner to scan tickets instead of typing. You also have the option of automatically checking in attendees to further speed up the process.

FooEvents Express Check-in GPL Features

Auto Check-in– Auto Check in an attendee if a ticket ID is found in the system. This is ideal if you are using a barcode scanner and/or have many people attending your event.

Flexible Search – Designed to be a fallback if you can’t use the FooEvents Check-ins apps at your event. Search by purchaser or attendee name, ticket ID, and ticket status.

Barcode Support – Check-in attendees using a handheld barcode scanner and a computer. Optimized to work perfectly with most Bluetooth and USB barcode scanners.

Mobile-Friendly – Designed to work on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This makes FooEvents Express Check-ins the ideal backup option for larger events.

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