GamiPress Leaderboards GPL v1.3.9 – WordPress Plugin


GamiPress Leaderboards Overview:

  • Leaderboards give you the ability to easily create, configure and add leaderboards on your website.
  • Place any leaderboard anywhere, including in-line on any page or post, using a simple shortcode, or on any sidebar through a configurable widget.
  • Also, this add-on adds new features to extend and expand the functionality of GamiPress.


  • Create unlimited leaderboards as you like.
  • Ability to configure the metrics by which users should be ranked (the user rank, the points types and/or the number of earned achievements).
  • Filter the leaderboard by a set of predefined time periods (today, yesterday, current week/month/year and past week/month/year).
  • Support for custom time periods to filter the leaderboard on a range of dates you want.
  • Responsive leaderboards that will get adapted to any screen size.
  • Ability to configure the display options for each single leaderboard.
  • Drag and drop options to reorder the leaderboard columns.
  • Displayed leaderboards can be filtered and sorted without refresh the page.
  • Configurable lazy loading feature for large leaderboards.
  • Ability to setup leaderboard results cache to improve loading time speed on large leaderboards.
  • Ability to hide website administrators from the leaderboard.
  • Block, shortcode and widget to place any leaderboard anywhere.
  • Block, shortcode, and widget to show user’s position on a specific leaderboard.

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