LearnDash Gradebook Addon GPL v3.1.0


LearnDash Gradebook Addon GPL Overview:

This is a perfect tool if you are using LearnDash in a traditional classroom setting or wish to have a blended learning program.

With the Gradebook add-on, you can manage your student’s grades and track their online progress all from a centralized location – no more jumping between tools!

Add-On Features

Front-End Report Card
Privately share learner grades with the front-end report card feature. They simply log in and can see how they are performing. An example of this is shown above.

Automatically Synced with LearnDash
The gradebook will automatically pull in grades from your LearnDash based quizzes and assignments.

Manual Grade Entry
Administer grades for non-LearnDash items, such as classroom participation, projects, or reading assignments. If it needs a grade it can be added to the gradebook!

Weighted Grades
Need a grade to be weighted? No problem! Just select the option and you are all set.

Custom Grading Scale
Configure a custom grading scale to match your needs (i.e. what constitutes an “A” versus an “A-” or a “B+”), or choose to not use letter grades at all!

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