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WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro GPL – Themehigh Overview:

The Extra Product Options for WooCommerce plugin lets you add extra product fields to your WooCommerce Product pages.

Customization of products made easy with Woocommerce product addons

With Extra Product Options you can create new fields & showcase product addons and customization options that you offer.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro GPL Features:

  • 21 field types
    Choose from a variety of fields types to display extra product options
  • Create Additional section
    Group similar fields of products together separately
  • Conditional display of fields & sections
    Set conditional logic to display extra product option
  • Advanced price alteration method
    Assign additional prices with extra fields for the products
  • Custom validations for Complex fields
    Use validator for complex fields setting up regular expressions
  • Date & Time Picker
    Plan better with an integrated calendar with time & date
  • Set pricing table
    You can display additional charges for each added option in a tabulate style explaining the base price and the extra amount added to it.
  • Add URL extension
    You can choose to add the extra product field extension to the URL by enabling the checkbox.
  • Use div tag
    By default the HTML tab tag offers limited styling options, you can select the Div Tag for the fields and get more customization and flexibility in working.
  • Choose to enable/disable select 2 style
    By default the fields are displayed in Select 2 style, if you wish to display it in any other style or theme, you can simply select to disable it.
  • Development friendly hooks
    With the help of the hooks, developers can add custom codes and content to the fields to extend its functionality.
  • Import, backup & export
    Import and back up all extra fields with just a click. With UI friendly features, it enables duplicating fields, copying fields from other sites and also reverting fields with ease.

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