WooCommerce Reward Points Plugin GPL v1.1.14


WooCommerce Reward Points Plugin GPL Introduction

Increase sales from loyal customers by introducing a simple Reward Points loyalty program in WooCommerce. Customers can earn points for multiple actions like purchases or registration. When they got enough points they can redeem awards for their collected points. Rewards in exchange for loyalty is Neuromarketing proven way to boost your shop. So what you think about? Start creating your own loyal program in Woo with ease now.

Why do you need this?

  1. Increase sales by increasing customer loyalty
  2. Increase your SEO power when customers share your website to gain points
  3. Learn more about your users like who is the most loyal

Easy & Multiple Point Earning Options

Our plugin offers multiple ways how your customers can earn points. Let it be points for order amount/purchases, registration, first order, writing reviews, logging in, sharing your website, and more. We got almost everything covered! And if you miss something, we are happy to hear your ideas! Of course, you can set your own point conversion rates, min/max spends, and multiple more options.

Built-in Level System

Motivate your customers even more by using our built-in level system. Shoppers gain badges (just as you know from Envato) and special rewards for reaching different point marks. This leveling system you may know from online games and you know how addicted they can be. So use this for your WooCommerce shop!

Easy Point Redemption

During the cart and checkout process, your customers can redeem their points in real-time. Set your own redemption rate e.g. 1000 points = $1 and see how your sales margin still increases due to the fact you get more orders.

Email point notifications

Notify your customers every time they receive new points, about their current point balance and their level automatically. Ensure that customers do not forget their points and motivate them to come back for purchase.

Intuitive My Points Section

An intuitive and customizable My Points & Rewards section under my account is essential. We made sure you can add custom texts including variables for points. Furthermore, we added our own animated points bar with 4 stylings, a “my rewards” section plus a points log. All of course deactivate when you do not need it.

Fully Customizable dynamic Texts

Of course, you want to put in your own text or translations with ease. That is why our plugin has not even had different texts for a product, category, cart, checkout and thank you page. No, you can even set custom texts for logged-in or logged-out users. And the best: all texts can make use of text variables like points needed, current points, next level name, etc. For more explanation, we also offer a tooltip text you can set and use.

More features

Analyze, Report & Change Users Points in Backend

Correct user’s points manually in the backend with ease. Analyze users with most points and create your own reports – all within the backend of your general WordPress website. From there you can also reset points.

Point Promotions

Create point promotions e.g. for black Friday 3x or weekend 2x point multiplication.

Latest WPMP, WooCommerce & WP Support

Our plugin was tested with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, and WPML.


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