WP Sheet Editor Custom Tables Pro Addon GPL v1.1.17


WP Sheet Editor Custom Tables Pro Addon Overview:

Edit Custom Tables added by Plugins

In WordPress, you have the standard database tables where the posts, pages, products, user accounts, taxonomies, and comments are stored.

However, many plugins add custom database tables for storing information without slowing down the WordPress site. For example:

  • LMS plugins save courses and user progress in custom tables (LearnDash, LearnPress, TutorLMS)
  • Affiliate systems save affiliate data, clicks, and statistics in custom tables (AffiliateWP)
  • Forum plugins save threads and forums in custom tables
  • Directory plugins usually save listings and metadata in custom tables and many more plugins

Usually, you can edit the standard information using our WP Sheet Editor plugin or other plugins. But the custom tables added by other plugins are very difficult to edit. You are forced to use the ugly and tedious interface that comes with those plugins.

A Spreadsheet created especially for all the Custom Tables

Say goodbye to all the limitations. We have created a WordPress plugin to solve that problem. Our plugin will generate a spreadsheet editor for every custom table found in your database where you can manage all the information quickly, make advanced searches, bulk edit thousands of items, migrate from one site to another, etc.

WP Sheet Editor Custom Tables Pro Addon Features:

  • This plugin generates one spreadsheet for every custom database table
  • This plugin works with custom tables, it doesn’t include standard tables because we have other WP Sheet Editor plugins with special support for standard tables, like the Posts spreadsheet, Users, Taxonomies, Media library, etc.
  • All the usual features of WP Sheet Editor work with the custom tables including Live Editing in the Cells, advanced search, bulk edit, formulas, export, import, bulk duplicate, columns manager, columns formatting, etc.

General Features:

  • All the custom tables: The plugin generates one spreadsheet for every custom table found in your database.
  • Edit information that was inaccessible: You can edit statistics, course progress, etc. that you can’t usually do in wp-admin
  • Move information between plugins. You can copy-paste large amounts of cells from one sheet to another
  • Unlimited data: The Spreadsheet supports hundreds of thousands of rows, hundreds of columns, etc.
  • Columns renaming: You can rename column
  • Bulk edit data: You can edit data in the cells or use a powerful bulk edit feature with formulas
  • Columns Visibility: You can remove, deactivate, display, and sort columns.
  • Formulas: You can update thousands of rows at once using Formulas
  • Advanced search: You can find information by any combination of columns using operators
  • Columns resizing: You can resize columns
  • Columns formatting: You can change the cell format from text to checkbox, TinyMCE editor, file uploader, dropdown selector, etc.

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