YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium v1.11.0 GPL


What does YITH WooCommerce Membership Premium do? 

Activate some sections of your e-commerce with restricted access so as to create memberships in your store.

How you can benefit from it:

Sell video courses, lessons, consultancies and make content available only to users that paid for them;

Build specific areas on your sites with restricting access only to members;

Create an online magazine with posts visible only to users who purchased access to it;

Create a private shop where only registered users can view the products;

Offer products that can be purchased and downloaded using a credits system (for image stocks, resources, etc.);

Offer digital resources that can be downloaded for free by members only.

A powerful tool to create restricted areas or provide access to products, pages, articles, and content only to members.

Selling products with dedicated access is a great opportunity to increase your earnings: big companies like Udemy or Treehouse are living proof and they achieve a huge amount of sales volume with this business model every year. Their income is intended to grow considering the increasing number of people looking for their products.

In a completely automatic way, you could offer your users restricted and exclusive access to tailored information, like a course, videos, products, articles, downloadable files, etc.

Managing courses, services, valuable membership plans with private access, sending messages to your customers, scheduling the publication of the exclusive contents for your customers: all these actions can be easily achieved with YITH WooCommerce Membership, a plugin conceived and designed to streamline the management of restricted-access products.

The reserved area is easy to use, will let you protect your content, and make it accessible only to members or to those who paid for it.

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